Jackie Neale

Jackie Neale is the Founder and Lead Photographer for Big Day Film Collective. Starting Big Day Film Collective in 2009 as an advocacy group for what was left of the traditional film photographer world, Jackie continues to incorporate traditional film photography and alternative processes in her multimedia photographic practice. Jackie embraces the full spectrum of professional photographic mediums. Big Day Film Collective is devoted to the support, research, and exhibition of film photography, alternative processes, and the hybrid use of all these techniques. Her work vacillates among the many options to capture light and convey stories.

Contact Jackie for more information on purchase and collecting of hers and her artists work. To see just Jackie’s work please visit https://jackiephoto.com . All work is hand printed and available in limited editions for collections.

Embodied ExperienceHUQ: I Seek No Favor

Bullet the Blue Sky: A Distressed Flag Series Representing Embodied Experiences of Failed Promises in United States

Large Format Fabric Cyanotypes

Apparitions of the Death & Co. 2007–2010

The Cord: Pandemic Photographs

The Cord on view March 1–31, 2020:
My latest exhibition, The Cord, consists of photographic explorations of light and shadow, yin and yang, hope and despair. These photographs are depicting the melancholy of a worldwide pandemic and the uncertainty of the future; the future of relationships, prosperity, and health. Malaise and fear as I am forced to pause into a holding pattern for all ambitions, yet grief and sadness for the loss of life: 2.5 million worldwide and counting.
In these photographs we can see fluctuation and gesticulations of hands and bodies as interventions with light. Each hand appears anchored on the edge of light, but is barely holding on by just its shadow.
The Cord is both a sign of where sadness meets optimism of hope for what is on the other side. The hands will forever keep reaching and reaching and reaching for what no one can presently know. While the shadows represent the ghosts of the hands of time, emphasizing the fleeting poetry of our pandemic time on pause. – Jackie Neale
\”Every disaster acts as an accelerator.\” – Esther Perel