Big Day Film Collective
Greater Philadelphia

Big Day Film Collective was created to deliver inspired film-based and alt processes photographers to a clientele desiring the look and feel of film and traditional practices. All of our photographers find great inspiration in curiosity in innovation, conceptual development, and have commitment to the values of a medium that has provided decades of breathtaking imagery. Headquartered in the North East out of greater Philadelphia area and New York City, our photographers offer blue-chip artworks for collectors and art buyers internationally, and also provide opportunities for art buyers and editors to use a classic medium to create a unique vision for their projects.

As we move further into the digital photography golden age, film photography workflows provide a new edge on style, look and feel, and the process is made easy with the seasoned professionals at Big Day.  Without compromising our digital photography workflows we provide competitive full production services that straddle both a century old process with the modern age. We consider each one of our photographers as technological and visual innovators, providing vast insight and knowledge of all photographic processes, helping clients realize their film and digital based image goals. Everywhere from web to print, smart phone to billboards, catalogues to look books.

Here\’s what we\’ve got – Film based artworks by photographers with a rich knowledge base and an incredible eye, imagination and proficiency to mesh film and digital into creative artworks.

Here\’s what it will do for you – First and foremost we provide the unwavering benefits of an artist\’s artistic vision. Further though, nothing quite compares to analog film\’s rich colors, deep black and creamy whites, we provide full analog photography shoots, 100% high-end, old school production (no mistakes, always on time, and extraordinary visuals), coupled with today’s innovation and talent pool.

Here\’s how to get it – Contact us through our website or social channels for workshops, lectures, meetings, assignments, portfolio reviews, innovation summits, and to join our mailing list. Or email us just to say hello!

Big Day Film Collective represents film photographers and other film based artists to art buyers and collectors.  Please contact Jackie Neale for further information at 212*518*8815 or at bigday@bigdayfilmcollective.com.

Gallery Director:
Jackie Neale