For The Record

For the Record

Photographs by Ebru Yildiz

November 1–December 31, 2020
Extended Dates! November 1–30, 2020

Opening Reception: November 14, 2020 6–10pm
Event: Women & the Music Industry
A Virtual Panel Discussion – November 20, 2020 7pm EST

Big Day Film Collective is honored to exhibit the solo exhibition, For the Record: an ongoing portrait series of women who work behind the scenes of the music industry by Brooklyn based Turkish photographer, Ebru Yildiz. Ebru is a seasoned music photographer in New York City began a deep celebration of all the women who work the behind the scenes of the New York City Music Scene. Working as the backbone of the industry, the women in this exhibition represent record producers to sound engineers who typically are off stage and of the spotlight. Ebru flips the script and does a code switch by placing these women in the foreground through emotive and celebratory portraits using Ebru\’s trademarks style in black and white. These photographs vary between film and digital photography. In all, Ebru has over 75 portraits in this body of work that is still ongoing and growing.

Please join us at the opening reception and for public programming that will be held online as a panel discussion. The artist talk and panel discussion will be with women working in the behind the scenes of the music industry of NYC and will discuss topics including how the music industry is a male dominated industry, how women\’s participation may go unnoticed but it has a large impact, and how we can take the opportunity of an industry-wide shutdown as a reset in how the collective rebuilding of the music industry and music events can include a larger female presence.

Women & the Music Industry – November 20 at 7pm – Please join us for an artist talk with Ebru, and then an important industry panel discussion with the powerful women in Ebru\’s exhibition who work in the behind the scenes of the music industry of NYC. Gallery Director and Lead Photographer, Jackie Neale will be moderating the discussion. There will be a brief Q&A at the end. Suggested Donation to attend is $10.
(We know it is a tough time. If you are unable to swing the donation, please email us directly at We want as many voices represented, so please do not be shy. Thank you!)